The Changing World of Bioanalysis: How do we embed science in the Pharma-CRO partnership?

In part 3 of this 3-part video filmed in Barcelona, our panel of experts discussed how the scientific connection between Pharma and CRO must evolve to ensure the flow of knowledge and information is kept constant, as outsourcing continues to increase.

Discussions include:

  • There is a need for more scientific interactions between CRO and Pharma, the model of which will vary based on client needs and the nature of molecules being studied.
  • Scientific dialogues should be increased between scientists from both CRO and Pharma, and outsourcing managers, to provide a more comprehensive idea of requirements from both sides.
  • The transfer of knowledge on science and technology between Pharma and CRO (and Biotech) should continue, potentially through dedicated roles within the organizations and appropriate training.
  • Working across teams, such as CRO scientists working with internal project teams at Pharma, could also aid the process and which has already begun in the industry.

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