Translational biomarkers in bioanalysis with John Smeraglia

In this video interview, John Smeraglia, Head of Translational Biomarkers and Bioanalysis (UCB Biopharm, Brussels, Belgium) explains the role that translational biomarkers play in drug development and how they fit into the bioanalytical landscape.

Smeraglia also describes how to select the appropriate biomarker and analytical methodology for a given study, as well as outlining the key challenges and regulatory guidance relevant to these studies.


1. What are translational biomarkers?

2. How do these biomarkers fit into the bioanalytical landscape?

3. How do you decide on selecting the appropriate biomarker and analytical methodology in your studies?

4. What are the key challenges working with a translational biomarker?

5. What strategies are being used to improve the transition of biomarkers from discovery to the clinic?

6. How are translational biomarker studies regulated?