Characterization and quantitation of biotherapeutics in biological matrices




LC/MS-related techniques represent promising alternatives to LBA for quantitative investigation of biotherapeutics and biomarkers in pharmaceutical and clinical applications. However, it often remains challenging to achieve sufficient sensitivity, throughput and robustness. Recently developed strategies will be introduced to address these needs, including technical advances in sample preparation, antibody-free enrichment, a trapping micro-LC/MS and new mass spectrometric approaches, followed by several applications. New methods for discovery and quantification of in vivo complexes and fragments of biotherapeutics formed in plasma and tissues will also be detailed.

What will you learn?

  • Challenges for in vivo biotherapeutics
  • Sample preparation, LC and MS appraoches to address these challenges
  • Tissue and plasma analysis for biotherapeutics

Who may this interest?

  • Scientists and analysts in Biopharma/Pharma environments
  • Clinical researchers





Jun Qu
State University of New York at Buffalo

Jun Qu is the group leader of the proteomics and pharmaceutical analysis lab of SUNY-Buffalo and a professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. His research is focused on the study of Clinical and Pharmaceutical Proteomics and Pharmaceutical Analysis using LC/MS-based strategies.  His research programs include i) high-resolution and large-scale expression profiling of pathological proteomes, for the discovery of novel disease/therapeutics biomarkers using gel-free proteomic methods. ii) Sensitive identification, localization and quantification of post-translational modifications in tissue proteomes such as these in myocardium, using novel anti-PTM affinity capture and alternating CID/ETD to obtain abundant PTM information; iii) targeted investigation of marker proteins that are of high interests for clinical and pharmaceutical study, using highly-sensitive nano-LC/SRM-based methods, and iv) highly sensitive and accurate investigation of the PK of biotherapeutics using LC/MS.

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