Benefits of differential ion mobility spectrometry for high-sensitivity quantification of peptides in complex matrices




Many bioactive peptides and proteins exhibit their activity at very low concentrations. To detect these drugs in complex biological matrices, highly sensitive and selective assays are required. Accurate quantification of signature peptides – resulting from tryptic digests of the parent protein – can sometimes be hampered by overlapping peaks or impurities from the biological matrix. In these cases, relying on MRM transitions alone may be inadequate for overcoming isobaric interferences and high baseline noise during bioanalysis. This webinar highlights the use of differential mobility spectrometry (DMS) to add an orthogonal dimension of separation to increase selectivity and specificity for the quantification of the exenatide peptide, a GLP-1 receptor agonist.

What will you learn?

  • How to quantify complex therapeutic peptides with the selectivity needed to meet FDA guidance criteria for LC-MS/MS bioanalytical methods
  • How a SelexION® Differential Mobility Spectrometry device can provide an orthogonal separation strategy prior to MS analysis, thereby reducing chemical noise and interferences

Who may this interest?

  • CROs, Pharma and Biotech companies focused on LC-MS/MS quantitative bioanalysis of large molecules
  • Mass spectrometrists and bioanalytical chemists
  • Academicians and students interested in LC-MS/MS bioanalysis


Evgueni Fedorov
Executive Director, R&D
BIOTRIAL Bioanalytical Services

Evgueni Fedorov holds a master’s degree in Chemistry from Moscow University and worked as a scientist at the Institute of BioPhysics for a number of years before moving into research and development at MDS Pharma services. Mr Fedorov then moved to BIOTRIAL Bioanalytical Services Inc. (formerly Warnex Bioanalytical Services), where he is currently Executive Director of R&D, focusing on the development of bioanalytical methods, mainly for peptides and large molecules.

Following the presentation will be a brief talk by Bradley Schneider, Senior Research Scientist, SCIEX R&D.

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