Sample preparation method optimization for increased efficiency in bioanalytical workflows

Sample preparation is a fundamental process within the bioanalytical workflow due to the complex nature of biologically based samples. It has considerable consequences for the downstream robustness of the analytical method, quality of data and workflow efficiency.

This presentation will discuss considerations in selecting the correct sample preparation technique for your bioanalytical requirements and how to optimize the protocol to achieve maximum extract cleanliness and reproducibility of the assay to achieve a more efficient workflow.

Topics covered:

  • Comparison of different sample preparation techniques, and identify their applicability to different bioanalytical sample extraction scenarios.
  • Define what compound and matrix considerations need to be taken into account when selecting the most appropriate sample preparation options.
  • How to optimize your sample preparation protocol with different selectivity options that can be utilized to provide maximum extract cleanliness with the benefits in workflow efficiency.

Who should attend:

  • Head of bioanalytical/clinical research groups
  • Bioanalytical/clinical research laboratory managers
  • Bioanalytical/clinical research method developers

Panelist biographies:

Tony Edge
R&D Principal, Chromatography Columns and Consumables
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Tony Edge is currently the R&D Principal for the chromatography consumables division within Thermo Scientific. Tony has over 10 publications in refereed journals including a book chapter on turbulent flow chromatography.  In 2008 he was fortunate enough to be awarded the Desty memorial lecture for his contributions to innovating separation science, and in the same year also won a clinical excellence award from AstraZeneca. Tony’s current interests are centred around improving the extraction process within bioanalytical workflows and high temperature chromatography.

Tony is currently a visiting professor at the chemistry department of Liverpool University where he teaches and supervises post-graduate students.

Mike Oliver

Global Product Manager for Sample Preparation
Thermo Fisher Scientific

2010-present – Thermo Fisher Scientific. Global Product Manager for Sample Preparation