Rapid method development techniques for chiral LC-MS applications

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Chiral method development scientists worldwide seek faster techniques for chiral separations with the minimum number of chiral screening alternatives. A significant challenge to chiral separation is where to start; this talk will showcase key first steps that can lead to rapid chiral column selection and eventual separation.

The webinar will provide an understanding of chiral method development, the bonding chemistry and various screening alternatives – the tools required for achieving a desired separation on any LC-MS instrument. It will cover effective chiral screening techniques for enantiomers, metabolites and impurities, and positional isomers, and the applicability of chiral LC-MS for bioanalytical applications.

What will you learn?

  • Basic chiral method development strategies
  • Understanding how the chiral surface chemistry affects the separation
  • Chiral column optimization relevant to LC-MS

Who may this interest?

Chiral HPLC method developers and users in pharmaceutical, clinical, forensic and bioanalytical laboratories


Denise Wallworth
Tactical Marketing Manager
Sigma-Aldrich International GmbH

Denise Wallworth is currently a Marketing Specialist in the Applied Division of Sigma-Aldrich, utilizing her experience in analytical chemistry in customer support. Denise started working life as an Inorganic Chemist, studying at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST; UK). After a PhD in transition metal chemistry, she transferred to the DMPK group at the Pharmacy Department in Manchester University as a chromatography specialist. Her long experience at Astec, the chiral chromatography specialists, prior to Sigma-Aldrich, means that she retains a special interest in the broad ranging applications of chiral chromatography.

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