The value of tandem mass spectrometry for biomarker quantitation

Targeted assays are becoming more popular in biomedical and pharmaceutical labs as researchers seek quantitative data for biomarker discovery and validation. Analytical workflows employing UPLC-tandem quadrupole mass spectrometers (LC–MS/MS) offer accurate, precise and sensitive measurements of multiple biomarkers in complex matrices within a single analytical run. Further, these workflows can distinguish and quantitate biomarkers with structural or geometric isomers and bring greater insights into the often biologically disparate functions of closely related biomarkers. Combining high specificity with high throughput, LC–MS/MS workflows empower labs to run the statistically powered biomedical research studies needed to discover and validate new biomarkers.

What will you learn?

  • How LC–MS works and why tandem LC–MS workflows are important for biomarker validation
  • How tandem LC–MS can be used to quantitate markers of interest
  • The value of mass detection in light of biologically complex samples
  • The versatility of LC–MS workflows
  • Tools for easy and rapid development of LC–MS workflows

Who may this interest?

Scientists and lab directors at:

  • Biomedical research labs
  • Core labs
  • Pharmaceutical development labs
  • Pharma QA/QC labs




Billy Joe Molloy
Senior Scientist
Waters Corporation


Billy is an experienced bioanalytical scientist with more than 2 decades of experience. With a history of quantitative LC–MS method development in both the pharmaceutical industry and in the clinical arena, Billy has recently moved into the biomedical research arena concentrating on targeted OMICS applications.

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