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Celebrating the 200th issue of Bioanalysis


To celebrate Bioanalysis – the journal – reaching its 200th issue, Bioanalysis Zone is delighted to feature some of the top milestones of the last decade in an interactive timeline.

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Sankeetha Nadarajah quote from 200th issue foreward



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apr 09


Launch of Bioanalysis



jun 09


Publication of first Conference Report on the European Bioanalysis Forum



nov 09


Publication of first Themed Issue on The 18th Reid International Bioanalytical Forum



dec 09


Publication of first Special Focus Issue on Metabolomics



jan 11


Increase in volume size from 12 to 24 per annum



mar 11


Launch of Bioanalysis Zone



dec 13


Howard Hill looks back on the first 5 years of Bioanalysis



jan 14


Neil Spooner becomes Senior Editor of Bioanalysis



apr 14


Publication of Special Feature on WRIB Poster Awards, supported by Bioanalysis



nov 14


Publication of the first edition of the Bioanalysis Glossary by Bioanalysis and Bioanalysis Zone



sep 16


Publication of the first Panel Discussion Report, organized in collaboration with Bioanalysis Zone



aug 17


Aligned Bioanalysis Zone Spotlight and Special Focus issue of Bioanalysis on Outsourcing Strategies in Bioanalysis



oct 17


Publication of first Author’s Perspective on Bioanalysis Zone



dec 17


Publication of Decennial Index of WRIB White Papers



jun 18


Publication of the 200th issue of Bioanalysis



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