Critical reagent screening and characterization: benefits and approaches for protein biomarker assays by hybrid LC–MS

In this perspective article from Bioanalysis, the authors discuss the similarities and differences of critical reagents in LBAs and hybrid LC–MS assays. The authors propose that, although use of hybrid LBA/LC–MS assays has increased in recent years, unlike for LBAs alone, the benefits of well-characterized hybrid LC–MS assay reagents are frequently underestimated. Keywords: endogenous biomarker, critical reagents, hybrid LC–MS assay, immunocapture, LBA, surrogate peptide In recent years, hybrid ligand-binding assays (LBAs)/LC–MS assays have been increasingly used for quantitation of protein biomarkers in biological matrices. However, unlike in LBAs where the importance of critical reagent screening and characterization is well understood...

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