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The debate is over: accelerator MS provides the route to better drug-development paradigms/protocols


“Accelerator MS may be fulfilling its promise to make a real impact … accelerator MS practioners are finding exciting applications and it is now up to industry to take the initiative.”

Some time ago, Esther Schmid and I conducted a number of analyses relating to the introduction of technology, innovation and its impact on the productivity of drug R&D. Notwithstanding the fact that the new technology changed somewhat during the period, our conclusion was that 12–15 years was required before hard evidence of a positive change was seen. One example is high-throughput screening (HTS). The productivity of the technology was stifled for many years by target choices, compound file size and compound file quality (not drug like). Learning the lessons and adapting, it took 15 years before HTS effectively made the impact that we all recognize today, which includes marketed drugs such as maraviroc.

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