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Bioanalysis through the ages


“In the 1970s, people worried about the sensitivity of their instruments, the reliability of their assays, how much quality control they needed, the stability of their samples. Sounds familiar. Many of the issues at the early meetings remain issues now.”

This article highlights many of the issues of concern for analytical scientists working in the area of bioanalysis. It draws mainly on topics presented at the Reid International Bioanalytical Forum, which is a microcosm of the issues faced by workers in this field and their attempts to solve them.

The Forum was established in 1975 by the late Eric Reid, Director of the Wolfson Bioanalytical Unit at the University of Surrey [1]. That unit was established with addressing the needs of industry and sharing expertise as part of its brief. The Forum has run every 2 years at the University since; the 2011 gathering being the 19th. 

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