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Interview with Mike Butler on Xceleron’s relocation


Mike Butler is President and Chief Executive Officer of Xceleron. Prior to joining Xceleron, Butler served as President and Chief Scientific Officer at Aptuit and was Group Vice President at MDS Pharma Services responsible for managing the company’s clinical and chemistry operational units. Mike attended Heriot Watt University from which he holds a B.Sc. (Hons) degree and the University of Liverpool where he earned his Ph.D.

Could you tell Bioanalysis Zone a little about your career to date and how you ended up at Xceleron?

I have spent my career with science-based service organizations in the traditional toxicology, bioanalytical, early clinical and manufacturing areas. I was fortunate to work for organizations during times of challenge and opportunity and gained insight to how science-based service companies can help their pharmaceutical customers.   I learned that understanding customers requires active listening and that having the right people in the right job is critical to providing a fit-for-purpose service.  I also learned that our customers weren’t just looking for a way to transact conventional development more quickly and cheaply, they were very interested in how innovative approaches could positively transform the quality and cost-effectiveness of drug development.

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