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Increased accessibility of next-generation sequencing?


7 February, 2013

Genome interpretation solution and reference library join together to improve patient care.

Mayo Clinic and Silicon Valley Biosystems (SV Bio) have recently announced their collaboration for whole genome diagnostics and interpretation. SV Bio’s genome interpretation solution combined with Mayo Clinic’s genome reference library will aim to increase accessibility of next-generation sequencing.

“At Mayo Clinic, we are committed to integrating genomic medicine into the continuum of care for all of our patients,” commented Gianrico Farrugia, director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine. “The Individualized Medicine Clinic represents one of Mayo’s bold steps toward realizing the promise of these game-changing technologies and offering new hope to patients, including those with cancer and diagnostic dilemmas.”

Using SV Bio’s genomic interpretation solutions, it is possible to query a patient’s genome at the point-of-care, quickly transforming the biological data into a simple report that doctors can utilize in making more informed decisions. Mayo Clinic will use its medical and scientific expertise in the collaboration to ensure the patients receive the best care possible.

Dietrich Stephan, founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of SV Bio commented on the collaboration, “Every human disease has a genetic component but, to date, medical providers have not been able to fully utilize this information to improve clinical outcomes. With the SV Bio platform, we’ve made the translation to a single assay – a full human genome – with the diagnostics rapidly and precisely happening in silico.”

“In our laboratories, we are rapidly adopting and implementing next-generation sequencing as a platform upon which we will be providing cutting-edge genome-based testing,” says Franklin Cockerill, president of Mayo Medical Laboratories. “This collaboration with SV Bio furthers our mission of bringing the latest diagnostic technologies to health care providers around the world.”

Mayo also recently formed an alliance with Optum through the launch of Optum Labs, combining Optum’s healthcare claims information with Mayo Clinic’s clinical insights, aiming to improve patient care.

Source: Mayo Clinic and SV Bio enter strategic relationship on genome diagnostics and interpretation.


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