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Call for papers: Bioanalysis of Large Molecules by LC–MS


Bioanalysis is delighted to announce that the June 2014 issue will be a special focus on “Bioanalysis of Large Molecules by LC–MS” guest edited by Dr Fabio Garofolo (Algorithme Pharma) and Faye Vazvaei (Hoffmann-La Roche).

Guest edited by two internationally recognized experts in the bioanalytical field, Faye Vazvaei (Hoffmann-La Roche) and Dr Fabio Garofolo (Algorithme Pharma), this special issue of Bioanalysis will focus on discussing the most recent developments in large molecule quantification in regulated bioanalysis by LC-MS, highlighting the challenges faced during the method development, validation, and sample analysis.

Ligand Binding Assays are currently the most popular approach to large molecule bioanalysis. However, recent developments in LC–MS instrumentation means this technique is now an alternative option for the accurate quantification of therapeutic proteins and large peptides in biological fluids.

The timelines for this issue are as follows:

• Publication date: June 2014

• Deadline for submission of first drafts: 31st January 2014

The special focus issue welcomes the submission of reviews, perspectives, commentaries and research articles – we would be delighted to discuss your ideas. For more details, please refer to the author guidelines.

If you or your colleagues are interested in contributing, please do get in contact – I would be delighted to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Alice O’Hare



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