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Company becomes singular seller of new genomics software


PerkinElmer, Inc., and Integromics, S.L., strike a deal, hoping to improve the collection and exploitation of genomics data.

Recently, bioinformatics company, Integromics S.L., announced a partnership with PerkinElmer, Inc., allowing the technology cooperation to become the only worldwide distributor of the brand new OmicsOffice genomics software.

The new software has been developed so that not only will existing users of the software platform TIBCO Spotfire be able to analyze data employing statistics, but they will be doing so with the ability to also work with a range of genomic data and technologies. The provision of various analytical tools allows scientists to investigate microarrays, next-generation sequencing and qPCR data on the same platform, helping to quickly and consistently extract significant conclusions from the data.

The general manager of PerkinElmer Informatics, Michael Stapleton, said that the deal, “represents a true synergy with our mission to offer end-to-end informatics solutions throughout the research, discovery and manufacturing processes.  As the exclusive worldwide distributor of OmicsOffice, we can provide focused solutions to the genomics and next generation sequencing community to improve the quality of their work and gain critical insights faster than before.”

“PerkinElmer is the perfect partner for Integromics, particularly for OmicsOffice,” remarked Víctor Canivell, Chief Executive Officer of Integromics.  “PerkinElmer’s leadership in technologies for scientific discovery and its commitment to advanced analysis tools, provides us with an excellent opportunity to bring the power of OmicsOffice to genomic researchers, as well as to accelerate the release of new omics analysis tools.”

Source: Agreement of distribution between PerkinElmer, Inc and Integromics S.L.


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