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Immunosuppressant drug monitoring to detect organ rejection


Monitoring of drug levels in organ transplant patients could help to prevent the rejection of new organs.

AB Sciex (MA, USA) has recently announced a new immunosuppressants kit that can monitor the level of immunosuppressant drugs circulating in a patient’s body. This type of monitoring is important in patients who have undergone organ transplant, as immunosuppressant drugs are prescribed to help prevent organ rejection. If too much of the drug is present, toxic side effects could occur, whereas if too little drug is circulating, this could result in rejection of the new organ.

Organ transplant patients must be monitored periodically as they usually have to take these types of drugs for the rest of their lives.

Rainer Blair, President of AB Sciex commented, “AB Sciex is working to ensure the best in patient outcomes. By making it easier for doctors and clinical laboratories to adopt this assay for immunosuppressant drug monitoring, we are able to improve the results that so directly impact patients’ lives. Our new immunosuppressants kit will help deliver high-quality, medical-related information that can help save lives.”

The SCIEX IVD-MSTM Immunosuppressants kit will be used by European doctors and hospitals alongside the AB Sciex IVD-MSTM Analyzer to provide a diagnostic solution. The kit, using MS technology, can simultaneously detect cyclosporine A, tacrolimus, sirolimus and everolimus in whole blood.

Source: AB SCIEX announces immunosuppressants kit for use by doctors in Europe to help care for organ transplant patients.



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