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Chiral HPLC column selection and method development guide (Sigma-Aldrich)


The following wall chart contains practical tips and information for the following:

  • Choosing a column by application area and by Chiral Stationary Phase (CSP). Chiral method development begins with choosing the right columns to screen. The range of phases offered by Supelco to cover most application areas are displayed in tabular form. A second table presents the type of CSPs and the related chiral selectors available from Supelco.
  • HPLC column screening & method optimization guidelines. These screening protocols should provide a rapid determination of the most suitable column and mobile phase combination for an enantiomer separation. The method optimization guidelines should help to fine-tune the separation.
  • Chiral column screening kits from Supelco. Some suggested effective combinations can be found in these chiral screening kits, which are especially useful in finding a method for a novel compound.
  • Method development notes. Once you’ve narrowed down your choice of column, you can use these tips to help you develop and optimize your method.

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For further assistance in choosing a column, please contact our Tech Service, or consult our online application library and bibliography.


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