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Highly specific and sensitive immunoassay for the measurement of prostaglandin E2 in biological fluids


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Background: Lack of specificity of anti-PGE2 antibodies is a long-standing problem. Given quite a few analogs and low PGE2 content in biological fluids, it is quite important to simultaneously meet the demands of high specificity and sensitivity. Results: Highly specific anti-PGE2 antibodies were obtained by combined use of cationic carrier protein and Mannich reaction. The cross-reactivity values of the resultant polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies against eight analogs were <14 and <5%, respectively. Furthermore, we established a highly sensitive ELISA, which could be applied to direct analysis of PGE2 at the pg/ml level (LOQ = 15.6 pg/ml). Conclusion: We provide an appropriate strategy to develop a highly-specific and sensitive immunoassay for measuring low PGE2 content in biological samples.

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