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New analytical application of antibody-based biosensor in estimation of thyroid-stimulating hormone in serum


Background: Conventionally, ELISA is used to measure thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) for diagnosis of thyroid disease. In this study, an immunosensor-based, kinetic-exclusion analysis (KinExA) was used for TSH estimation. Methodology: A PMMA microbead column coated with TSH antigen is formed inside the flow cell. Samples consisting of mouse anti-TSH monoclonal antibody and TSH antigen complex in solution are passed over the beads and the unbound anti-TSH antibody is captured by the TSH-coated beads, followed by passing fluorescent-labeled antibody over the beads to generate signals for analysis. The limit of detection for the assay was 0.4 mIU l-1 and the precision was acceptable. Conclusion: The developed sensor was advantageous due to the automated nature and its convenience, without compromising the sensitivity for estimation of TSH.

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