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SCIEX and the University of Manchester partner to open £18m Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre


A multi-million pound research center specializing in biomedical research has been opened by SCIEX and the University of Manchester. Situated in CityLabs (Manchester, UK) The Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre was opened on June 14th 2016.

The center contains a collection of SCIEX mass spectrometers including the SCIEX mass spectrometry-based proteomics technology. Scientists at the center will be able to conduct studies in medical conditions such as arthiritis, psoriasis and cancer.

The research facility was generously funded by the Stoller Charitable Trust and Medical Research Council with SCIEX contributing a number of their distinctive LC–MS systems.

The collection includes TripleTOF® 6600 Systems with SWATH Acquisition, QTRAP® 6500+ Systems, the SCIEX LipidyzerTM Platform and a number of liquid chromatography and automated sample preparation parts provided by the University of Manchester.

A first of its kind and one of biggest clinical proteomics facilities in the world the research facility will pilot a course of biomarker development projects.

Researchers at the center will work on projects that will allow better understanding of biomarkers, their role in disease, diagnosis and in therapy. It is hoped that this knowledge will be used to facilitate the application of biomarkers into clinical laboratories.

Biomarkers are increasingly playing important roles in precision medicine. Equipped with SCIEX’s high-end proteomic system, the technology promises to provide researchers at the center wide-ranging data necessary in precision medicine.

“The Centre is a major step forward in Precision Medicine.  Essentially this is the future of healthcare – getting the right treatment to the right person at the right time and in the right dose,’ states Tony Whetton, Director of the new center.

“Without biomarkers we won’t be able to identify which people will benefit from certain medicines, so this new center underpins everything we’re doing in precision medicine in Manchester and beyond.”

Termed SCIEX SWATH the technology is able to determine large number of proteins across big sample sets to very high standards.

In the past this was only capable by using ‘gold-standard’ multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) methods.

Furthermore the technology will allow researchers to partner with health companies and the NHS in conducting tests and treatments that will help advance the treatment of serious medical conditions.

“SCIEX’s mission of innovating integrated, reliable analytical tools to gain scientific understandings that lead to better health, enables our customers to advance precision medicine with scale and speed like never before,” commented Jean-Paul Mangeolle, President of SCIEX.

“And it takes more than providing great instruments to be part of a movement as important as Precision Medicine; it takes strong collaborations with customers, partnerships with industry leaders and teamwork with our colleagues at other Danaher Corporation life companies, to establish and deploy the most comprehensive proteomics solutions.”

The opening of the new center was marked by the commencement of the Stoller Biomarker Discovery Center Symposium, held 14–15 June 2016.

Speakers at the symposium included leading experts in the field Dr Leroy Hood, Dr Leigh Anderson and Professor Jennifer Van Eyk, and senior staff from the University of Manchester.

President and vice-chancellor of the University of Manchester, Nancy Rothwell added: “Manchester has become a major hub for precision medicine and proteomics and we are very grateful to the funders who have backed the cutting-edge work that is carried out by our scientists.”

“As a result of their generosity, The Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre will start work on addressing some of the biggest issues in medicine in an environment where these discoveries can move quickly to improve people’s lives.”



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