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For the last 6 years, Future Science Group and Bioanalysis Zone have supported and recognized outstanding early career researchers in the field of bioanalysis through the annual New Investigator Award. We have been immensely proud to be involved with this project and to help present the future leaders in bioanalysis.

Established in 2010, the Bioanalysis Zone New Investigator Award (NIA; formerly known as the Young Investigator) has been awarded to six exceptional early-career researchers to date. Since its initiation, the award has received almost 80 nominees from five different continents and has prompted over 4000 votes from the bioanalytical community.

Our winners have collectively had over 2300 citations of their peer-reviewed research papers.

It’s been great to see the success of past winners and also the involvement of the bioanalytical community in this award. The NIA is all about helping the next generation of bioanalysts and, with the continued support of Waters Corporation, we at Bioanalysis Zone are delighted to be able to showcase their brilliant work.

Before unveiling this year’s NIA winner, we followed up with all of our past winners to see how they are doing and discuss how winning the NIA has impacted on their career.

All of our six previous NIA winners have moved onto exciting journeys in their careers as scientists working on cutting-edge bioanalysis. Some of the projects our winners have worked on include the largest quantification proteomics study to date, developing innovative microfluidic lab-on-a-chip platforms and bioanalytical assays in the study of novel drugs.

Since receiving the award, our winners have established themselves as rising experts in their respective research areas. When asked what impact receiving the award has had on their careers as scientists, all six winners unanimously agreed that one of the most invaluable benefits of the award has been the exposure they have received.

The award has not only provided our winners with the opportunity to present their research to their peers, but most importantly the platform to meet other like-minded and exceptional researchers from diverse backgrounds, allowing them to exchange scientific knowledge and experiences from the lab – factors essential to early-career scientists working to establish themselves as reputable scientists.

Explaining how the award has opened such a unique opportunity, Stephen Holman, winner of the 2010 award, commented: “I benefitted greatly from being awarded the inaugural Young Investigator Award from Bioanalysis Zone…I was invited to present a webinar on selected reaction monitoring-mass spectrometry for quantitative proteomics from which I made several contacts in the field. My career has benefitted greatly from receiving the Young Investigator Award.”

Each of our winners received a US$1000 prize, were flown to the renowned European Bioanalysis Forum conference where they were given the opportunity to present their projects to the bioanalytical community and also received a year’s subscription to the journal Bioanalysis.

To further promote the work of our winners, they also received a complementary open access publication of their next accepted paper in Bioanalysis.

Find out more about how our talented young bioanalysts have fared since winning this award in our short interview with them below:


2010                                                   2011                                                           2012

Stephen Holman                            Michelle J. Yoo                                         Maria Rambla

2013                                                    2014                                                        2015

Anthony O’Donogue                      XiuJun (James) Li                                Xiwei (Emmi) Zheng



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