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Trends in Outsourcing – What does the future look like?

What does the future for the outsourcing industry look like?

Tell us your thoughts on the subject in our latest Spotlight survey,

For the next 3 months we will focus on the topic Future Trends in Outsourcing as our new Spotlight event, during which we will feature a variety of content.

In this Spotlight we will cover some of the current trends in the outsourcing industry, discuss how this will change in the next decade and finally try to understand what the implications of this changing industry will mean for bioanalytical labs in Pharma, CROs and various other companies.

To kick-start this special focus, we have put together a survey to help us further understand some of the ways this industry is set to change. We would greatly appreciate your help in completing this survey. Please feel free to pass the survey on to colleagues and other interested parties so we can better understand the communities attitudes towards outsourcing.

We look forward to presenting the results to you in the coming months.

The survey is now closed.  




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