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Ask the Experts – Metabolomics


In this ‘Ask the Experts’ feature we will be discussing the use of metabolomics with a number of leading experts across the field. The series will explore the key role of metabolomics in identifying disease states, addressing recent developments and benefits and challenges of the techniques used.

Metabolomics is a field used to identify and quantify biomarkers that can be used to reveal information about physiological processes and disease development at a specific moment in time.

Research into metabolites requires advanced analytical techniques, rigorous quality control and robust data analysis but how can this be regulated and standardized? What are the main challenges with metabolic phenotyping and what are the new emerging approaches? To address these questions and more, key figures share with us their experiences and thoughts on metabolomics, giving our members a 360° opinion piece.

A series of questions and responses collected from the various experts involved will be published in instalments below – so keep checking for updates.



1 What do you believe are the main challenges associated with the techniques used in metabolomics?

2What remains the greatest challenge in identifying metabolites? How can these be overcome?

3What have been the most exciting developments in metabolite profiling?

4How important is metabolomics to personalized medicine?

5With the increase in research into metabolites how can the field be regulated and standardized?

6How do you see the field evolving over the next 5–10 years? What are the main obstacles to be overcome?


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