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Comprehensive graphical presentation of data from incurred sample reanalysis



Aim: Incurred sample reanalysis (ISR) contributes to the reliability of pharmacokinetic studies. Despite regulatory guidelines having adopted ISR methodology, graphical presentation of data has been overlooked. Materials & methods: Different graphs were tested for datasets including limited, standard and large numbers of ISR pairs. The datasets covered both passed and failed cases. Results: We have developed a combination of complementary plots enabling the visual inspection of ISR data quality: %difference versus mean concentration and cumulative ISR plot. The former shows individual ISR datapoints and concentration-dependent trends, while the latter presents the contribution of individual pairs to the overall result as well as time-dependent trends. Conclusion: The proposed visualization of ISR data shows at a glance whether acceptance criteria for each sample and whole experiment are met or not. Standardized graphical presentation of ISR outcomes may increase quality of bioanalytical data.

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