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Mass spectrometry based metabolomics: a novel analytical technique for detecting metabolic syndrome?


Metabolic syndrome: a global health concern

The rapid growth in obesity prevalence is causing an epidemic of health consequences leading to an astounding socioeconomic burden in the USA and abroad [1]. A recent commission focused on predicting the prevalence and medical costs of cardiovascular disease (CVD) estimated that by 2035, 45% of the US population will have some form of CVD [2]. In 2016 alone, CVD cost Americans 555 billion dollars and by 2035 that cost is estimated to reach 1.1 trillion [2]. Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is defined as the presence of more than three cardiometabolic risk factors, which include central obesity, hypertension, elevated fasting glucose and dyslipidemia [3]. MetS increases the risk for both CVD [3] and diabetes [4]. In the USA, MetS affects up to 30–40% of the general population by age

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