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Novel in vitro diagnostic tool to test for variety of metabolic disorders in newborns


PerkinElmer Inc (MA, USA) has announced the launch of the NeoBase™ 2 non-derivatized MS/MS kit. The novel in vitro diagnostic device has gained CE approval, making it eligible for distribution in Europe and aims to increase efficiency in diagnostic testing for a multitude of neonatal conditions.

The device is intended for use in the detection of several metabolic disorders, with the capability to screen for up to 57 analytes. In conjunction with a tandem mass spectrometer, the appliance can test newborn heel prick blood samples, dried on filter paper, analyzing the concentrations of substances such as free carnitine, nucleoside and succinylacetone.

The kit can also detect markers including those for the screening of X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy  and adenosine deaminase severe combined immunodeficiency (ADA-SCID). The devices promises to improve the efficiency of diagnostic testing, enabling a simple three-step workflow to screen for more conditions in less time, using only a single dried blood sample.

Linh Hoang, Vice President, Neonatal Screening, PerkinElmer, commented: “We continue to evolve our technologies to meet the needs of laboratories worldwide…as these labs face pressure to screen for more disorders in less time and with limited resources, they are seeking advanced technology to expand their MS/MS testing capabilities.”



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