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Coated blade spray: shifting the paradigm of direct sample introduction to MS


Coated blade spray (CBS) is a solid-phase microextraction-based technology that can be directly coupled to MS to enable the rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex matrices. The goal of this mini review is to concisely introduce CBS’s operational fundamentals and to consider how it correlates/contrasts with existing direct-to-MS technologies suitable for bioanalytical applications. In addition,

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Click here to find out more about author, Germán Augusto Gómez-Ríos (University of Waterloo; ON, Canada), in our author’s perspective interview series:

Headshot“Currently, I am a Postdoctoral Fellow and Project Manager at Janusz Pawliszyn’s research group at the University of Waterloo (ON, Canada). I earned my BSc in Chemistry from the Industrial University of Santander (Bucaramanga, Colombia) and my MSc and PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Waterloo. My PhD work was chiefly focused on the development of novel SPME devices that could be efficiently coupled to mass spectrometers without the need of a separation step, aimed at rapid analysis of target compounds in complex matrices of environmental, food, forensic, or clinical relevance. In addition, we have recently shown that some of these technologies can also be used for untargeted applications, such rapid molecular profiling.”


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