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Celebrating a decade of Bioanalysis


To celebrate Bioanalysis – the journal – reaching its 10th anniversary, Bioanalysis Zone is delighted to share with you a collection of features commemorating the journal’s remarkable success over the last decade!

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  1. Spooner N. Bioanalysis: 10 years of progress.
  2. Dormer L. Celebrating 10 years of publishing Bioanalysis.
  3. Maundrell N. Celebrating the collaboration of Bioanalysis and Bioanalysis Zone.
  4. Timmerman P. A note from the European Bioanalysis Forum.
  5. Jin F, Tang D, Dong K & Zhong D. New development of the Chinese bioanalytical landscape and update of the China Bioanalysis Forum.
  6. Briscoe C. Assessing stability in bioanalysis: reflections on the last 10 years.
  7. Haidar SH. Regulatory efforts in response to a decade of scientific advancement in bioanalytical methods.
  8. MacNeill R. Instrumental and technical evolution over the past decade in bioanalysis.
  9. Igarashi H, Koseki N & Arakawa T. The Japan Bioanalysis Forum: the past 8 years and future perspective.
  10. Stevenson LF. Evolving our thinking on biomarker assay validation: are we ready for the next leap?
  11. Hawthorne G, Dillen L, Barfield M et al. Feedback from the European Bioanalysis Forum liquid microsampling consortium: microsampling: assessing accuracy and precision of handheld pipettes and capillaries.
  12. Cobb Z, Rohde M, Love I et al. Feedback from the European Bioanalysis Forum liquid microsampling consortium: capillary liquid microsampling and assessment of homogeneity of the resultant samples.
  13. Hill HM. Reflecting on Bioanalysis with the Senior Editors.
  14. Marcelín-Jiménez G. The 10-year bioanalysis challenge in Mexico.
  15. Needham S. Perspectives on gender parity in bioanalysis: an interview with Shane Needham.

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Take a look back at the highlights for Bioanalysis and its sister website Bioanalysis Zone that have led us to reaching this incredible milestone in our interactive timeline!


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Links to highlights
Launch of Bioanalysis
Publication of first Themed Issue on The 18th Reid International Bioanalytical Forum
Publication of first Special Focus Issue on Metabolomics
Increase in volume size from 12 to 24 per annum
Howard Hill looks back on the first 5 years of Bioanalysis
Neil Spooner becomes Senior Editor of Bioanalysis
Publication of the first edition of the Bioanalysis Glossary by Bioanalysis and Bioanalysis Zone
Publication of the first Panel Discussion Report, organized in collaboration with Bioanalysis Zone
Aligned Bioanalysis Zone Spotlight and Special Focus issue of Bioanalysis on Outsourcing Strategies in Bioanalysis
Publication of first Author’s Perspective on Bioanalysis Zone
Publication of first In the Zone on Bioanalysis Zone
jun 18Publication of the 200th issue of Bioanalysis
Launch of Education Zone on Bioanalysis Zone
10th anniversary of Bioanalysis!

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