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Product: Gyrolab® xPand – the automated, high- throughput immunoassay system that maximizes productivity in biotherapeutic discovery, development and production


Gyros Protein Technologies AB, a pioneer in automated nanoliter-scale immunoassay platforms and leading provider of peptide synthesizers and reagents has developed Gyrolab® xPand to provide high-throughput, flexibility and rapid analysis of large sample numbers for a range of biotherapeutic applications. The proprietary Gyrolab CD technology, with highly reproducible nanoliter microfluidics, is integrated with Gyrolab platforms to automate nanoliter-scale immunoassays with parallel processing, using laser-induced fluorescence detection.

The majority of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies and CROs use Gyrolab technology in discovery, preclinical and clinical development, and bioprocess. Gyrolab users regard this system as a must-have technology for accelerating their biotherapeutic development and production. This is made possible through speed of assay development plus small sample and reagent volumes, as well as the ability to measure concentrations over a broad dynamic range with minimal matrix interference.

System thinking that supports multiple applications

Gyrolab xPand can be adapted to the specific needs of each user. For example, different assays can be run on different CDs within an unattended five CD run to generate high quality results. Up to 112 data points can be generated within an hour, and 1120 data points per working day. During assay runs, the multi-CD platform maintains samples at 2–8°C.

The system includes software to set up immunoassays for assay development or routine analysis, control assay workflows, plan experiments from the desktop, analyze data, generate reports, and transfer data to a LIMS. Gyrolab Viewer simplifies the QC of individual data points. There are also advanced functions for dilution linearity and spike recovery studies for assay qualification. Application-specific software includes Gyrolab ADA Software for the analysis of anti-drug antibodies, and Gyrolab Affinity Software to study high affinity (low picomolar KD) molecules. Software tools enable management of user privileges, import and export of method templates and other routine functions. Gyrolab system can be connected to a computer network to evaluate data remotely and communicate with other systems.

A flexible open platform supported by kits

Gyrolab systems are open platforms with built-in flexibility that supports the development of customized assays. Gyrolab technology also includes optimized, ready-to-use kits to measure IgG titer, host cell impurities (HCP) for a number of cell types, and protein A residuals –valuable tools that simplify assay workflow and shorten run times in cell line development, bioprocessing applications and preclinical PK/TK studies.

Evolution with built-in regulatory compliance

Gyrolab xPand reflects the on-going evolution of the Gyrolab platform, with ever more advanced instrumentation and software designed for 21 CFR part 11 compliance. Those with lower throughput demands can use Gyrolab xPlore, a single-CD system that employs the same proprietary Gyrolab technology as Gyrolab xPand to generate up to 112 high-quality data points per CD within one hour. These developments, together with new kits, make Gyrolab systems key tools in biotherapeutic development and production around the world.

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