Optimizing NBE PK/PD assays using the Gyrolab Affinity Software; conveniently within the bioanalyst’s existing workflow

Aim: The fully automated microfluidics-based Gyrolab is a popular instrument for the bioanalysis of protein therapeutics; requiring minimal sample and reagent volumes. Gyros offers affinity software for determining binding affinity in solution using a high-throughput method and miniaturized reactions. Results: Using this affinity software, multiple CTGF-targeting reagents were characterized on the Gyrolab after <100% target coverage was seen in a cynomolgus pharmacokinetic/PD study dosed with anti-CTGF antibodies. The results uncovered magnitude differences in binding affinities between the dosed antibody, target and assay reagents. Conclusion: The binding affinity values were used to investigate reduced target coverage and results highlight potential of...

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