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Why nominate? An interview with Zhiyu Li (WuXi AppTec) – the 2019 BRSA winner


As we launch the 2020 nominations for the Bioanalysis Rising Star Award, we catch up with Dr Zhiyu Li (Associate Director, DMPK, WuXi AppTec; Shanghai, China) who won the 2019 Bioanalysis Rising Star Award. In this interview Zhiyu discusses where her inspiration came from and what motivated her to get involved with analytical chemistry. She details her journey of choosing mass spectrometry as a speciality and building the first LC–MS based large molecule bioanalysis platform in China.

After winning the award, Zhiyu describes how excited and honored she was to become the 2019 winner and the great acknowledgment she received not only for her own work but for the wider team and company.

For those thinking about nominating themselves or a colleague for the 2020 award, Zhiyu encourages new scientists to aim high and further their ambitions both for themselves and the team working around them. In the future Zhiyu would like to be a technology leader, making something new into a regular capability so patients can benefit and ultimately get drugs and treatments faster.

2020 nominations are open!

This is your chance to promote and gain recognition for the bioanalytical work and research you, a colleague, your team or a friend is working on. Anyone can nominate either themselves or a fellow colleague, but each nomination needs to be accompanied by a supervisor’s comment.


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