2018 review – top 5 features on Bioanalysis Zone

As the year comes to a close, we’re taking a look back at some of the highlights in bioanalysis from 2018. From the quantification and validation of biomarkers to the integration of novel technology in bioanalytical workflows, over the year we covered the latest bioanalytical news, bringing you insights from experts in the field.

Below we’ve highlighted the top 5 features on Bioanalysis Zone from 2018, as well as our top read articles from Bioanalysis.

Investigating biomarkers
This informative survey infographic brings you the key trends, challenges and future potential for biomarker R&D. Topics highlighted include the most common types of biomarker being analyzed, different stages of biomarker research and the top 3 techniques utilized as voted for by our survey respondents.

New technology integration panel discussion
In this panel discussion, published in July, key experts in the field discussed the current issues facing bioanalysis. Led by Scott Summerfield (GSK; Brentford, UK), this series of talks highlighted the demand for novel technologies and what barriers have to be overcome to drive these technologies into bioanalysis.

Spotlight: Large molecule quantification by LC–MS
In April, Bioanalysis Zone launched a Spotlight focusing on the recent developments in the large molecule quantification in regulated bioanalysis by LCMS. As MS technology continues to progress with increased sensitivity and selectivity, we explored recent developments including; top-down vs bottom-up approaches, protein quantification studies and comparison between LCMS and LBA.

Bioanalysis Rising Star Award
This year we recognized the work of highly talented early-career researchers in our annual Rising Star Award. With the support of our sponsor Waters Corporation (MA, USA) we identified three finalists for the 2018 award. The finalists included Buyun Chen (Genentech; CA, USA), Lisa O’Callagham (Merck; NJ, USA) and Jing Tu (PPD; NC, USA), who was named the winner of the 2018 Rising Star Award after securing the highest public vote!

Flow cytometry tips and tricks
In this infographic from Charles River (MA, USA) we are given an insight into the top 5 tips to set up and run any flow cytometry assay. This includes information on the different platforms, instrumentation and data analysis software available to optimize your research, as well as offering example assays for different types of bioanalysis.

In addition, below you can find the top 5 exclusive articles on Bioanalysis Zone in 2018:

1Aging of biological matrices and its effect on bioanalytical method performance

2A sensitive method for the quantitation of the peptide-based glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist liraglutide in plasma using microfluidics chromatography tandem MS

3Validation of a biotherapeutic immunoaffinity-LC–MS/MS assay in monkey serum: ‘plug-and-play’ across seven molecules

4Development of a UHPLC–MS/MS (SRM) method for the quantitation of endogenous glucagon and dosed GLP-1 from human plasma

5Hybrid assays: the next big thing?


If you would like to share your research and write for Bioanalysis Zone in 2019 we would love to hear from you – please contact Naamah Maundrell. We hope you have all had a fantastic 2018 and look forward to bringing you more bioanalytical news, videos, webinars and much more in 2019!