Bioanalysis call for papers: Perspectives in bioanalytical laboratory management

Written by Evgenia Koutsouki, Bioanalysis

The diverse needs of bioanalytical laboratories call for different setups and management approaches depending on their needs, resources and strategies. Bioanalysis is planning a special issue (due to be published May 2014) on laboratory management to bring together a series of perspective articles from bioanalytical scientists, discussing different approaches to bioanalytical laboratory management, organization and setup, and bioanalysis project management. This issue will offer an insight into the pros and cons of different organizational strategies in the bioanalytical laboratory and will serve as a guide to bioanalytical scientists in the management and organization of their laboratory.

The issue will be guest edited by two internationally recognized experts in the bioanalytical field, Dr Qin C. Ji (Bristol-Myers Squibb Co, USA) and Dr Naidong Weng (Johnson & Johnson, USA). Confirmed contributors include Steve Unger (Worldwide Clinical Trials, USA) and Chad Briscoe (PRA International, USA).

Contributions will be welcomed on a wide range of topics relating to laboratory management, including:

  • Global business support
  • Balance of outsourced versus in-house work
  • Outsourcing strategy –  local versus international CROs
  • Project-oriented versus task-based team arrangement
  • Different workforce arrangements for LBA versus LC–MS
  • SOP authoring and review
  • Cost–effectiveness and meaningful metrics
  • Instrument maintenance and calibration
  • LIMS system maintenance support
  • Quality control and compliance (check and balance in place)
  • The right balance of compliance and operation cost
  • Risk management and tiered approach
  • Global regulatory harmonization efforts
  • Role of independent consultants
  • Regulatory compliance (FDA versus EMEA)
  • Advances of science in regulated bioanalysis
  • Discovery bioanalysis and automation


*** Final submission deadline for all articles: January 1st 2014 ***

Publication date : May 2014


All articles must be forward looking and should offer clear and compelling justifications for arguments and speculations made.

In order to be considered for this issue, please send an article proposal by 29th October to the Commissioning Editor, Evgenia Koutsouki [email protected]