BioPharmaSpec announce new in-house analytical services

Written by Amy Craddock, Future Science Group

Last week (9 May 2017), BioPharmaSpec (PA, USA; Jersey UK), a CRO that specializes in the characterization of biopharmaceuticals, announced their plans to increase in-house analytical capabilities for the characterization of higher order protein structures. This area has gained relevance in recent years owing to the significance that the three dimensional structure of a protein has on the stability, safety and pharmacokinetic properties of a biopharmaceutical.

As a result of investment and newly acquired expertize, BioPharmaSpec have expanded their in-house services to include the following analytical methods: Circular Dichroism (CD), Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR), and Intrinsic Fluorescence (IF). All of which enable clients to characterize the secondary and tertiary structure of proteins.

Speaking on the announcement, Technical Director of BioPharmaSpec, Mark Millichip commented: “Expanding our in-house capabilities to assess higher order protein structure provides Clients with access to a full range of analytical expertise and means we can assist in planning comprehensive, regulatory compliant characterization strategies. This will support formulation and process development, as well as biosimilar comparability and stability studies, thus helping our Clients to reduce development timelines of their biopharmaceuticals.”

Chris Ziegenfuss, Laboratory Manager of BioPharmaSpec added: “We are delighted to be investing in expanding our in-house analytical services because this means new and existing scientific clients have the unique opportunity of accessing comprehensive technical expertise in both the USA and the UK together with the speed and flexibility that partnering with a more specialized CRO provides.”

As part of the promotions of their new in-house capabilities, BioPharmaSpec are hosting a webinar (18 May 2017) showcasing how their services can be utilized for the characterization of higher order protein structures, including case studies for particular protein therapeutic candidates.

Source: BioPharmaSpec press release