Business of bionanalysis: Amanda Wilson, AstraZeneca

Amanda WilsonAmanda started her career in the 1990s as a bioanalytical scientist at Fisons Pharmaceuticals (Loughborough, UK) and has spent over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry working in a variety of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) disciplines supporting both small and large molecule projects. Amanda has managed DMPK multidiscipline teams delivering data for regulatory submission and as a former Director in Clinical Pharmacology and DMPK, Amanda ran a team delivering GLP/GCP bioanalytical data to early phase projects.
Amanda, in her current role, has the responsibility for the delivery of bioanalysis data and toxicokinetic evaluation for non-GLP investigational toxicology and pivotal (GLP) toxicology examination of small molecules and nucleotide therapeutics. Amanda’s team, based in the UK and Sweden, employ analytical endpoints including LC–MS/MS and ligand-binding technologies and oversee the externalization of preclinical bioanalytical projects throughout the project lifecycle. The BA/TK team also provide scientific and regulatory compliance guidance to the AZ externalization in the clinical development functions.
Amanda’s role is transitioning following the formation of a new group, Translational Biomarkers and Bioanlaysis within the Drug Safety and Metabolism Organisation. As acting Director of Translational Biomarkers & Bioanalysis, in addition to the bioanalytical oversight, Amanda and her team are also responsible for the identification, measurement and translation of novel safety biomarker data, preclinical investigational safety studies and complex in vitro systems.

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