Business of bioanalysis: Liz Thomas, Alderley Analytical Ltd

Ms. Elizabeth (Liz) Thomas is a Co-Founder of Alderley Analytical Ltd and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Thomas has over 30 years experience in bioanalysis and joined Icon from AstraZeneca, where she was global discipline leader for bioanalysis local Section Director for Bioanalysis and Biomarkers in the Clinical Pharmacology and DMPK function in AstraZeneca. She joined AstraZeneca in 2001. In this role she led AstraZeneca’s global Bioanalysis group and its bioanalytical and biomarker laboratory in Manchester, UK, providing an international bioanalysis resource to AstraZeneca’s safety assessment and clinical functions. She served as Vice President and General Manager of bioanalytical operations at ICON Public Limited Company since May 17, 2011.
Prior to AstraZeneca, Ms. Thomas managed the bioanalytical groups at both Quintiles and Covance Icon. She is a member of a Global Bioanalytical Consortium (GBC) harmonisation team. She has been Director at Alderley Analytical Ltd. since December 17, 2015. She has presented on bioanalytical and regulatory topics in the UK, US, China, India and Jordan. She qualified as an Analytical Chemist while working at Glasgow University and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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