CRO opens new facility in the USA

Written by Hannah Coaker, Future Science Group

UK-based contract testing company opens its first North American offices to meet the rising demand for bioanalytical and biosafety services.

BioOutsource, a CRO, headquartered in Glasgow, UK, which provides services to the biopharmaceutical industry, is extending its facilities to the USA, with the opening of new offices in Cambridge (MA, USA).

The company specializes in the testing of biologics, vaccines and biosimilars, thereby assisting in the development of these pharmaceuticals. According to a press release from BioOutsource, the organization is particularly keen to extend its services in the field of biosimilar characterization to the North American market to meet an increasing demand for support in this area.

Gerry MacKay, Chief Executive Officer at BioOutsource, commented, “The company’s US office will facilitate engagement with North American customers for our off-the-shelf biosimilar biological characterization assays, for example for Humira®, Enbrel®, Rituxan®, Herceptin®, Remicade® and Avastin®.”

The new facility will be located at the Cambridge Innovation Center, which is the site of a number of growing life sciences and venture capital firms. MacKay concluded, “We see the North American market as an essential strategic element of our global expansion plans. We remain committed to not only growing our business in North America but in nurturing our relationships with our existing North American clients, as well.”

Source: BioOutsource opens new facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts.