Electromembrane extraction of substances with weakly basic properties: a fundamental study with benzodiazepines

Aim: Electromembrane extraction (EME) of weakly basic benzodiazepines was investigated (-1.47 < pKa < 5.01). Materials & Methods: 96-well EME was performed with strongly acidic conditions in the acceptor solution using 250-mM trifluoroacetic acid to maximize ionization. Results & Conclusion: Recoveries more than 80% were obtained for analytes with pKa > 2, whereas EME was less efficient for substances with pKa < 2. The latter was trapped in the supported liquid membrane due to less acidic pH conditions in the acceptor solution close to the supported liquid membrane. EME followed by UHPLC–MS/MS analysis was evaluated from human plasma, and the results were in compliance with EMA...

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