2020 BSPR annual scientific meeting

COVID-19 update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers have made the difficult decision to cancel BSPR 2020.

The 2020 BSPR meeting will acknowledge the extent of progress in the world of proteomics. The event will recognize an era where generating multiple comprehensive proteomes in a day is routine.

The 2020 BSPR meeting will be celebrating next generation technologies and assessing how they can transform applications in the field of scientific research, commercial quality control and civil security.

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The annual scientific meeting will feature sessions focusing on native/structural protoemics, systems biology, P5 medicine, chemical biology, bioinformatics, imaging and spatial proteomics, one health research and the next generation of technology.

The meeting will also be hosting an EBI/PRIDE training course, beginning with an introduction to EBI resources and moving to advanced use of the systems to annotate protein data. There will also be a ‘Skyline’ training course, introducing processing of data independent acquisition proteome data and the capabilities of Skyline before moving into real-world case studies.

The meeting currently has 12 confirmed speakers presenting on a wide range of topics. The BSPR satellite meeting this year will be taking place on Sunday 5 July (seperate booking required) and will be concerning MS and proteomic analysis in animal sciences, food and agriculture.

For more information, including a full list of the confirmed speakers, training course timetables and registration information, visit the 2020 BSPR website.

 Event Details 

Start Date
Jul 6, 2020
End Date
Jul 8, 2020
United Kingdom