EBF Spring Focus Workshop – biomarkers in pharma R&D

COVID-19 update: The EBF Spring Focus Workshop has been rescheduled to take place 16–17 September in Lisbon (Portugal). Click here to learn more.

The EBF Spring Focus Workshop, taking place between 13 – 14 May 2020 will focus on ‘biomarkers in pharma R&D – a roadmap from context of use to using the data’. This focus workshop is organized in collaboration with the biomarker and precision medicine community (AAPS), CBF and JBF.

The EBF Spring Focus Workshop will feature 7 sessions, with a variety of talks, presentations, panel discussions and roundtables set to take place. Sessions will include:

  • Context of use – the problem statement
  • Learning and actions from the 2019 EBF FW
  • Applications, including panel discussion: Is there convergence or divergence with context of use principles?
  • The building blocks of a good biomarker assay
  • Regulatory session: Is industry creating their/our regulatory hurdles?
  • Translation of contect of use into bioanalytical strategies
  • Closing panel discussion: towards a recommendation on context of use from the EBF

At the time of writing, the EBF are still in communications with industry partners and health authorities to finalize the agenda for the EBF Spring Focus Workshop. For registration and more information, visit the EBF website.

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 Event Details 

Start Date
Sep 16, 2020
End Date
Sep 17, 2020
Altis Grand Hotel,
R. Castilho 11,