Exploratory biomarker assays: key assay parameters to evaluate in the face of evolving biomarker context-of-use

Written by Bioanalysis

Thankamony SP, Zhang Y | Commentary | Bioanalysis. 11(23), 2095–2097 (2019) Keywords: biomarker context of use • parallelism • repeatability • specificity The field of biomarkers has seen extensive growth enabled by multiple advanced technological tools at our disposal. Such tools have enabled quantitative and semi-quantitative measurement of protein analytes in soluble matrices such as blood (serum or plasma), urine and cerebrospinal fluid. Soluble biomarkers are routinely analyzed using ligand-binding assay (LBA) and LC–MS/MS-based approaches, however LBA-based biomarker assays will be the focus of this discussion. The field of LBA has evolved from plate-based ELISA to now multiple options for...

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