In the Zone: the acoustic ejection mass spectrometry age

High-throughput screening of candidate compounds during drug discovery has been hindered by the limitations of traditional liquid chromatography. Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry leveraging Acoustic Droplet Ejection technology combined with an Open Port Interface, allows sample analyses at speeds up to 50 times faster than conventional LC−MS. Current drug discovery involves the evaluation of massive compound libraries of thousands or even millions of potential drug candidates. High-throughput screening to assess the pharmacokinetic properties of molecules is essential for lead candidate selection in a practical timeframe.



Infographic: drug discovery in the ultra-high throughput and acoustic ejection mass spectrometry age – In this infographic we review how essential high-throughput screening is to assess the pharmacokinetic properties of molecules and for lead candidate selection. The details of plate reading technology are also explored with industry insights on how acoustic ejection mass spectrometry is the best of both worlds.




podcastVideo: echo MS system for high-throughput analysisIn this presentation Chang Liu (Associate Staff Research Scientist, SCIEX; Ontario, Canada) introduces the technical details of the Echo MS system and some applications of this new and innovative product, particularly focusing on high-throughput analysis. He also discusses the key analytical challenges in MS-based screening and the core components of the acoustic ejection mass spectrometry technology.




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