Infographic: The Right Instrumentation and Software Drives Productivity

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Quantitation you can count on

The SCIEX ExionLC™ System offers exceptional baseline stability, ultra-low carryover performance, and excellent sample injection reproducibility. For high sensitivity with limited sample sizes, the SCIEX M3 MicroLC ensures accurate and reproducible results for peptide quantitation.

The QTRAP® 6500+ LC-MS System with SelexION®+ Differential Mobility Technology delivers the greater selectivity, sensitivity and dynamic range needed for the analysis of complex compounds. With multiple approaches to selectivity improvements, the QTRAP 6500+ System with SelexION+ Technology offers the flexibility to achieve the performance to handle any biologics quantitation challenge.

Software that enhances productivity

DiscoveryQuant Software

DiscoveryQuant™ Software reduces tedious LC-MS method development time with a fast, robust and reliable process that optimizes methods for hundreds of small or large molecules. It expedites the method development process using existing database information, automates on-column optimization, and can easily analyze and process multiple samples simultaneously.

MultiQuant Software

MultiQuant™ Software offers an intuitive user interface and the ability to handle large data sets to effectively address bioanalytical reporting for all molecule types. MultiQuant Software features a robust Watson LIMS link and enhanced compliance features that enable you to ensure data quality, security and compliance.