Immunoassay applications: a podcast with John Chappell


In this podcast John Chappell (Director of Application Support and Field Service at Gyros Protein Technologies, UK) discusses how Gyrolab technology simplifies immunoassay workflows and the differences between Gyrolab assays versus ELISA.

Questions discussed include:

  1. What are immunoassays and what are their main applications in the bioanalytical field?
  2. What are the main differences between Gyrolab assays versus ELISA?
  3. What are the different Gyrolab immunoassay applications?
  4. How does it help customers to be more productive and why are they excited to use Gyrolab assays?
  5. Why do you think Gyrolab immunoassays are gaining in popularity?
  6. Looking towards the future, what do you hope the next 5 years will bring?


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