Cell therapy: an interview with David Harris

David HarrisDavid Harris has a PhD in Immunology and more than 20 years’ experience in academia and the pharmaceutical industry working to identify and develop novel therapeutic targets to treat disease. Dr Harris joined Charles River in 2016 as a Research Director at the Morrisville, NC site where he plays a leadership role overseeing the design, execution and reporting of client oncology studies and supporting global research and development efforts. Previously he held key positions at Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Houston, TX working on genetic approaches to identify and develop novel therapeutic targets for inflammatory diseases and cancer and then at MD Anderson Cancer Center (TX, USA) where he managed preclinical and translational studies focused on immune therapy. David has expertise in preclinical pharmacology, in vivo models of autoimmunity and cancer, tumor biology, immunotherapy, biomarker discovery and experience mentoring scientists. David has authored 35 peer-reviewed papers in major scientific journals.


1 What is cell therapy ? [Time – 00:31]

2 What does the current global landscape for cell therapy look like? [Time – 02:35]

3 What are the main types of cell therapy? [Time – 03:35]

4 What are the some of the safety concerns and challenges associated with cellular therapy? [Time – 06:21]

5 What guidance does the FDA give for working with cell therapies? [Time – 09:46]

6 What does a typical preclinical CT development program look like? [Time – 10:48]

7 What are the preclinical animal models used to evaluate CT? [Time – 12:00]

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