CAR-T cell development: an interview with Michael Schwenkert

MSK-headshotMichael studied biology and received his PhD with Professor Georg Fey at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany) working on the generation of phage display-derived antibodies and antibody fusion proteins for targeting a broad spectrum of neoplasms. After his studies, Michael joined MorphoSys AG (Germany) where he gained hands-on experience working with the HuCAL® technology with the goal to identify immunomodulating antibodies against cancer. In his current role as Technical Sales Manager for Custom Antibodies at Bio-Rad Laboratories (Germany), Michael and his team are responsible for offering, designing and delivering the highest quality custom antibodies, generated using HuCAL® technology.   


1 Could you introduce yourself and describe your background and interest in CAR-T cell therapy development? [Time – 00:20]

2 What are the challenges for the bioanalysis of CAR-T cells? [Time – 01:27]

3 How can specialized antibody reagents help address these challenges? [Time – 02:55]

4 What is special about Bio-Rad’s custom antibody service that enables you to make reagents that play a critical role in the process? [Time – 04:05]

5 What are your thoughts on the future potential for CAR-T cell therapies? [Time – 05:40]