Developing assays for novel drugs

In this interview, Barry Jones and Michael Brown (Q² Solutions) discuss the current science regarding assays, the technical challenges encountered in developing assays, and how they develop assays for novel drugs. They define complex modalities as anything other than conventional mono-specific drugs like monoclonal antibodies or Fc fusions.  Michael continues to address why they are considered the next big thing due to their ability to reduce toxicity or off target effects, which minimises the safety risks and increases the efficacy beyond mono-specific therapies.  Barry also discusses the technical challenges he has encountered when developing assays for novel drugs and where he hopes the field will be in 5 years’ time.

Q What are complex modalities? Why are they considered the next big thing?
Q What  different solutions does Q² Solutions have experience in?
Q What are the technical challenges you have encountered when developing assays for these novel drugs?
Q How do regulations impact the development of assays to support these compounds?
QWhere do you hope this field will be in 5 years?

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