Streamlining drug development: an interview with Brendan Griffin

Brendan Griffin, Senior Lecturer at University College Cork (Ireland) and project coordinator of the €4m H2020 funded Marie Curie European Training Network PEARRL (Pharmaceutical Education And Research with Regulatory Links) discusses his work in early drug development in this interview with Bioanalysis Zone. Brendan talks about the most common challenges faced in the field as well as some of the trends he has observed recently that he hopes can streamline the drug development process.

1. Can you please introduce yourself and your research background?

2. What kind of methods and tools do you use to select high quality candidates?

3. In early stage development, what are the most common challenges you encounter?

4. What kind of trends are you seeing in this field to improve developability?

5. Where do you hope this field will be in 5–10 years’ time?