Biotransformation trials, technologies and software solutions: a podcast with Mark Savage

podcastAs part of our focus, we present this podcast where we talk to Mark Savage (Biotransformation and ADME Scientist, Unilabs, UK). Mark introduces what biotransformation is and the technologies used to characterize biotransformation. He discusses how software tools can address certain challenges and bring forward compounds from discovery to development.


1 Explain what began your interest in drug discovery and biotransformation? [Time – 00:25]

2 What are your current research focuses? [Time – 02:57]

3 Describe the technologies that you use to characterize biotransformation? [Time – 04:39]

4 What are the challenges you face? [Time – 08:19]

5 What are the latest biotransformation software tools that address these challenges and bring forward compounds from discovery to development? [Time – 09:54]

6 What steps need to be taken to avoid missing a toxic metabolite? [Time – 13:15]

7 How can software help minimize development risk by identifying potential development liabilities and optimizing their design? [Time – 17:33]

8 What effect does the quality of the data acquired have on the ability to process it and get meaningful results? [Time – 18:55]

9  How does software help you adapt to the increased trends of R&D outsourcing and geographically diverse pharma R&D teams? [Time – 20:34]


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