Interview with Ian Moore (Sciex) on new technology to solve challenges in small and large molecule drug metabolism

Dan Sikkema AnnouncementWe caught up with Ian, the technical marketing manager at SCIEX (Toronto, Canada), at the recent 11th WRIB meeting. In this video Ian discusses the challenges Pharma researchers face when performing both routine and advanced drug metabolism studies, particularly for large molecule biotherapeutics.

He highlights recent hardware and software advancements that can help researchers accelerate and simplify their drug metabolism and biologic catabolism analyses. Included in this is the use of the unbiased SWATH® data acquisition strategy that collects data on all detectable metabolites and catabolites in a single sample injection, as well as data processing with the new MetabolitePilot™ Software, which has advanced processing algorithms for automated analysis of peptides, proteins, and antibody drug conjugates.